Design case studies

Scope and impact

I've been fortunate to design for millions of users around the world, helping to shape progress across the fields of education, entertainment, and technology. I've worked with teams ranging from lean startups to large global organizations. Shifting between industries has helped me develop a balanced, holistic sensitivity toward design. Here you can explore a handful of select projects:

What I’m working on

Please note that materially sensitive / ongoing work is not shared in my portfolio. I'm happy to discuss my experience and provide detailed information about additional product work via conversation.
Lately I’ve been focused on designing solutions which:
  • Empower litigators to orchestrate discovery production sharing from within their Ediscovery software, enabling secure inter-party collaboration
  • Allow legal teams to reproduce previously run productions, thereby eliminating significant user pain and reducing users’ dependency on third-party solutions
  • Offer legal professionals a flexible and powerful new method of organizing multicolor highlights in deposition management, enabling designations and other complex litigation workflows

Case studies


csDISCO Multicolor Designations This work consists of a comprehensive rework of highlight UI mechanics in deposition management software. It enables more effective trial designations as well as a host of other complex litigation workflows.


ActiveCampaign SMS 10DLC → ActiveCampaign is an omni-channel marketing automation platform with a historically undervalued SMS offering. In anticipation of a changing SMS regulatory landscape, this work helped ensure legal compliance, a smooth transition for users, and a foundation for future investment in messaging protocol technology.


HMH Science Dimensions → Many education products suffer from confusing experiential design. HMHSD is a national K-12 solution for students and educators that prioritizes the learner’s experience. Building HMHSD presented an opportunity to challenge engrained industry assumptions about learning and pedagogy.

The case studies below are turned off right now. They may return soon—in the meantime, I'm happy to speak to non-featured work via conversation.


ActiveCampaign Web Personalization This work is a series of design explorations driving the evolution of ActiveCampaign’s Web Personalization product, specifically tailored to bolster adoption and enhance feature maturity given the product’s relative newness.


Jenkins OSS Collaboration I developed a process for inter-org collaboration between open-source contributors and CloudBees employees, then refined it while ushering in design improvements to a uniquely complex legacy UI. This case study is largely about process design.


Visual Design Visual design rests at the foundation of my career as a creative professional. Here I’ve gathered some favorite visual design work from early in my career.

csDISCO Multicolor Designations
ActiveCampaign SMS 10DLC
ActiveCampaign Web Personalization
HMH Science Dimensions