Hello, my name is Joe.

I'm a product designer working on the future of legal technology. I work with brilliant cross-functional partners to create thoughtful user experiences. I'm focused on designing responsible solutions that genuinely improve lives.

About me

📚 → Small biz entrepreneur / full-time creative professional

💸 → Fascinated by feminism and personal finance

👟 → Amateur runner, always improving

🧠 → Business-minded, always learning

🥘 → Probably enjoying Peruvian cuisine right now

What's happening?

Updated August 6, 2023

🎧 → Currently on repeat: Sudan Archives / Disclosure / Sault / Jungle

✨ → This microsite replaces my previous website; less is better here, too.

📱 → In the past I’ve enjoyed making iMessage stickers—might make more soon!

🩰 → In 2021, my partner and I opened a small dance studio in Central Florida! It’s been a privilege to build this business with her. Opening a physical business presents all sorts of unfamiliar challenges—but we are learning so much!

📬 Venture by Design

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Creative methodology

Designers are uniquely positioned to influence people’s lives and shape society. Therefore, good design must be responsible and thoughtful. In creating user experiences, I focus on building accessible solutions crafted for long-term, positive social impact. I do this by leveraging UX research and driving deep cross-functional collaboration.

Causes I'm supporting

I believe I have a responsibility to promote and empower the people doing society's most impactful work. I'm privileged to be able to redirect 5% of my monthly income to an array of organizations whose work I value. 1% goes directly to abortion funds and organizations fighting for women's rights. Each month I choose the remaining 4% from a mix of the following organizations:

📚 → Malala Fund

What I’m reading

I’ll soon share a list of books I’ve finished in the past few years, along with recommendations.

Get in touch

Thanks in advance for reaching out! You can get in touch using any of these methods:

  1. Shoot me an email at josephbrueggen@gmail.com
  2. Send me a message on LinkedIn
  3. Find me on Twitter at @josephbrueggen (on hiatus)
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