User experience aficionado; product and visual designer

I'm Joe—I'm a designer (i.e., artistic digital problem solver).

I deliver beautiful, world-class design solutions that empower users. I'm a realist and a dreamer who's passionate about improving lives through well-crafted user experiences.

Designing in the world of DevOps

Reinventing the world's most popular CI/CD solutions.

The CloudBees team is globally distributed and passionate about helping customers do their best work. I'm privileged to work with an incredible group of people. As design lead for our Continuous Integration products, I'm working to redefine the user experience of the world's most important CI/CD tools, while collaborating on the future of CloudBees' design.


Previously, designing magic at Disney

Defining product strategy through beautifully designed storytelling.

At Disney, I worked with a world-class team of creatives to design innovative digital solutions. Although I did some work in the UX space, my primary focus was on visual storytelling within the company, utilizing skills in branding, illustration, animation, and more.

Before that, designing the future of education

User Experience Design at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

At HMH, I designed educational platforms for a global audience. I worked as a leading user experience designer on several national programs, seeing our processes through from prototyping and user testing to deployment.


Offering a diverse design skillset

Different design skills inform one another.

There's tremendous value in a diverse skillset, so I consistently balance product, UX, and visual design strategy. Most of my days are spent in screen design and prototyping tools, but I’m comfortable with just about any design software.


Product and visual design projects

Designing at scale for a global audience.

My work involves a wide range of personal and professional projects. I've designed for millions of users and a wide range of demographics. I'm constantly working to create meaningful products that help improve people's lives.


Now accepting new projects

Looking for a designer to help you with your next project?

I'm offering services in UX consultation, product design, and visual identity design. I've had the pleasure of working with incredible people and companies on a wide range of projects. Previous clients include Kore, NeoReach, AIGA, Golden Gate America, LeaseCake, and many others.

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