On learning to learn

I love to learn new things—I’m one of those people who just prefers to know.

If ignorance is bliss, give me chaos.

As a young person working in technology, I’ve had to become quite good at learning. Tech changes quickly, so consistent self-education is key to a successful career in tech. If I’m a good learner, theoretically I can adapt to any situation… I can help solve any problem!

Learning is a skill, not a talent. And it’s one I’m hell-bent on improving. I’ve decided to document my learning journey here at Venture by Design.

Until now this humble blog has been about distilling design industry insights. I still like this idea, but I’m not feeling passionate about writing on the subject right now.

Time for a pivot. I’m going to start documenting my learnings about a vast array of subjects including tech, personal finance, health, politics, music, culture, and learning itself.

Some topics I’ve got queued up include learnings on…

  • my struggles and triumphs as a (very) amateur runner
  • how and why I budget my spending
  • my early journey in reconnecting with my cultural heritage
  • the role of critique in a healthy design process
  • what meditation has (and hasn’t) done for me
  • the influence of being exposed to wealth and extreme poverty

I’ve got lots of ideas floating around… if I’ve enjoyed learning about a thing and think others would benefit from it, I’ll share it.

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