Professional projects

For work, freelance clients, and users around the world.

This collection consists of work created in full-time roles and for freelance clients. Product work is live in the marketplace, and branding initiatives have been successfully deployed. Case studies are being updated constantly, and additional projects are right around the corner.


HMH Science Dimensions

UX & UI    Interaction Design    User Testing


Mobile Scanner App

UX Strategy    Mobile UX & UI


AIGA Conference Branding

Brand Design    Visual Design


Golden Gate America Brand Refresh

Brand Design    Visual Design


HMH User Testing Process Overhaul

Design Ops    UX Strategy    User Testing

About confidential projects

I've designed with companies ranging from brand new startups who haven't yet launched their first product, to massive global entities like Disney. For all of them, secrecy is a key competitive advantage. Although I can't share the work I've done with these organizations, I'm more than happy to discuss my design process—reach out anytime to set up a chat.

Personal projects

For friends, just for myself, and for the sake of learning.

These projects are more personal—typically not for work, clients, or profit. Their structure tends to be more experimental, and some of them are ongoing. I typically start these projects to learn a new skill or technology, or to explore a new aesthetic.


Personal Branding

Brand Design    Visual Design


Stickers for iMessage

Illustration    Visual Design


Courtney Kirby Branding

Brand Design    Visual Design    Motion Graphics


Assorted Illustrations

Digital Illustration    Visual Design    Motion Graphics

Explore more on Dribbble

Small shots of different design work, just for fun!

Dribbble is about quick, fun glimpses into the design process, not necessarily case studies like the projects you see above. Come follow along to keep on top of ongoing work!


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