HMH Science Dimensions


UX & UI    interaction design    user testing

Science Dimensions is a national science program for K-12 students and teachers. It offers innovative solutions for digital instruction. The program empowers students and educators with unique digital experiences that are explicitly designed for learning about science, so every grade's experience feels intuitive and uniquely tailored to users' needs.



usability testing    process definition    org refinement

DesignOps is about empowering designers to do their best work, to amplify the impact of design at scale. This case study details DesignOps initiatives that I've spearheaded within various product organizations.

Visual identities


identity design    brand strategy    icon design

The best brands in any industry understand the value of a strong visual identity. In an increasingly visual world, these identities are a crucial element in establishing customer relationships. This case study highlights select elements from some of my favorite projects.

iMessage apps


illustration    visual design

Modern communication apps are shipping increasingly rich features that allow users to express themselves in fun and creative ways. With the release of iOS 11, Apple introduced iMessage apps. As an avid iOS power user, I was eager to contribute to the ecosystem (and have some fun tinkering with Xcode).

About confidential work

I've designed with companies ranging from brand new startups who haven't yet launched their first product, to massive global entities like Disney. For all of them, secrecy is a key competitive advantage. Although I can't share the work I've done with these organizations, I'm more than happy to discuss my design process—reach out anytime to set up a chat.


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On Dribbble I share glimpses into the design process and small previews of ongoing work. Dribbble posts tend to be more experimental and more oriented toward visual design. Come follow along to keep on top of ongoing work!


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